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We are driven by a clear mission: to propel your business to the forefront of the digital scene through a complete range of online marketing services.Creation of a website,website redesign,SEO optimization, Keyword Strategy,Technical audit of the site, Backlinks,Adwords...

After a technical and SEO audit of your website, the study of the positions of your direct competitors, we will offer you a strategy and a budget in order to position you among the first places on Google.

Our agency operates throughout France.Our meetings are held exclusively by videoconference.

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EscaladE, votre agence Google Ads à Oyonnax

Adwords: Escalade is your partner

Agence google ads oyonnax

Twice a month you will receive a complete report on your performance and your costs. Our agency does not take any commission from your budget, which ensures you receive impartial advice.

Our goal is to get you to the top and keep you there. With the best CPC

Agence google ads oyonnax

We invite you to consult our page dedicated to this service.

Oyonnax : innovation et nature au Cœur du Haut-Bugey

Capitale de la plasturgie en immersion naturelle

Oyonnax, nichée dans les montagnes du Jura, dans la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, est reconnue comme le centre de la plasturgie en France grâce à son industrie innovante et de pointe. Cette ville, au cœur du Haut-Bugey, marie habilement le dynamisme économique avec un environnement naturel exceptionnel, offrant des paysages verdoyants et des possibilités de randonnées et d'activités en plein air tout au long de l'année.

Un engagement fort pour l'innovation et le développement durable

L'industrie d'Oyonnax, axée sur la transformation des matières plastiques, est à la pointe de l'innovation technologique et s'engage dans des pratiques de développement durable. La ville accueille régulièrement des salons professionnels et des rencontres dédiées à la plasturgie, renforçant sa position de leader dans ce secteur. Parallèlement, des initiatives locales visent à promouvoir le recyclage et l'éco-conception dans l'industrie.

Culture et vie communautaire au sein d'un écrin naturel

Oyonnax propose également une vie culturelle et communautaire riche, avec des événements, des festivals et des équipements culturels qui favorisent le lien social et l'épanouissement des habitants. La proximité avec la nature invite à la détente et aux activités de loisirs, faisant d'Oyonnax un lieu où la qualité de vie est en parfaite harmonie avec le dynamisme économique.

Oyonnax se distingue par sa capacité à combiner un secteur industriel de pointe avec un cadre de vie idyllique au cœur du Jura. Cette harmonie entre innovation, développement durable et nature fait de la ville un modèle unique, offrant un environnement stimulant pour les entreprises et une qualité de vie exceptionnelle pour ses résidents.

Another major alternative in the creation of websites is the e-commerce site, also called a “merchant site”. This is an evolution of the traditional blog where the user can buy directly from the comfort of their home. Unlike the simple informative role of the showcase site, the main goal of the e-commerce site is to generate sales and it therefore requires a different approach in terms of functionality and UX design. Just like the first type mentioned previously, this one must also be responsive but above all secure given the financial transactions it involves. OURdigital marketing agency is at your disposal to study your online business needs.

What is the economy like in Normandy?

Traditional Sectors: Agriculture and Industry

Normandy, located in the northwest of France, is a region rich in history and culture. Its traditional economy is strongly anchored in agriculture, with notable production of dairy products, beef, fruits, and cereals. The region is famous for its cheeses, such as Camembert and Livarot, as well as its production of cider and Calvados. The agri-food industry is very present there, benefiting from the wealth of local products. Furthermore, industry is an important sector, with a notable presence in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, automobiles and aeronautics. Ports, notably Le Havre and Rouen, play a crucial role in trade and transport.

Tourism and digital economy

Tourism represents another significant facet of the Norman economy. The region attracts many visitors thanks to its historical heritage, including the World War II landing beaches, Mont-Saint-Michel, and its picturesque towns. The natural beauty of the Normandy coast and countryside also contributes to its tourist appeal.

When it comes to the digital economy, Normandy is experiencing rapid growth. With the development of information and communication technologies, several competitiveness clusters and business incubators have emerged. These initiatives aim to support startups and innovative companies in the digital field. The region is working to improve its connectivity and digital infrastructure, essential for attracting and retaining technology talent and businesses.

Nos prestations Marketing Digital à Oyonnax

Creation of websites

Notre agence peut intégralement prendre en charge la création de site internet à Oyonnax

We invite you to consult our page dedicated to this service.


Notre agence seo Oyonnax se tient à votre disposition pour optimiser votre site et améliorer vos positions.

The principle behind Adwords

Google Adwords can be the cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. It is a system operating mainly on the principle of keyword bidding. Ad positioning is determined by two key factors: bid amount and ad quality score. The bid determines how much you are willing to pay per click while the quality score evaluates the relevance and quality of your ads as well as your website. These two elements help Google deliberate on the order of displaying advertisements on search engine results pages. This is why your site must perform well. That’s good, we offerfree seo audit !

The main advantages of using Adwords

Using Adwords confers many advantages. Perhaps the most notable is the ability to target a specific audience, at the right time and in the right place. Advertisers can define specific keywords, geographic locations and broadcast times for their ads. In addition, Adwords allows advertisers to precisely measure the return on investment of their campaigns, allowing them to adjust their strategy accordingly.

Disadvantages and restrictions of Adwords

AdWords is not without its drawbacks and limitations. Campaigns can be costly, especially if not managed properly. Additionally, the complexity of the system can be confusing for beginners and requires time and practice to fully master. Additionally, even with adequate optimization, the effectiveness of advertisements is highly dependent on the level of competitiveness of the industry.

This is why you must also work on your natural referencing, which is very complementary to Google Adwords.

Our mission: optimize your investment in Google Ads. Market research, competition, choice of relevant keywords, with controlled auctions, optimized campaigns and ads... We do not take remuneration linked to the volume spent in order to maintain neutrality and advise you well.

Our approach includes a meticulous analysis of your competition and research of relevant keywords to develop a tailor-made Google Adwords ad strategy. Whether you want to create a new website or optimize your existing site, launch a campaign Adwords or improve your natural referencing, we are determined to increase your visibility on Google and increase your customer base.


Ask for yourSEO audit, Free and without commitment.

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Agence Google Ads Oyonnax

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Agence Google Ads Oyonnax



EscaladE est une agence Google Ads Oyonnax. Nous prendrons en charge vos campagnes et annonces avec un unique objectif : vous apportez un retour sur investissement le plus rapide possible. Agence SEO, après un audit SEO gratuit, nous pouvons également améliorer votre site internet et le rendre plus performant dans la recherche Google.


Optimizing your Google Ads (SEA) campaigns is at the heart of our expertise.

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