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Google Ads Agency: maximize your ROI*

*Return of Investment


Adwords agency: helping you spend better

Escalation optimizes your Adwords budget. Our strategic expertise begins with a careful analysis of your company's specific needs and objectives. This makes it possible to develop aprecise Adwords strategy and adapted.

Thanks to our know-how, we select the most relevant keywords whileeliminating unprofitable clicks, thus optimizing the return on investment.

Constant monitoring of campaign performance is implemented. This monitoring allows adjustments in real time, thus ensuringoptimal budget allocation, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

We offer you aprofessional management and technical expertise crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of your Adwords budget, thus strengthening your online visibility and the success of your advertising campaigns.


Meticulous choice of keywords is of paramount importance in an AdWords campaign. Our in-depth expertise allows us to carry out an in-depth analysis of your company's market, user search behavior and competition, in order to determine the most relevant keywords (volume, CPC). This approaches aseo analysis.

By choosing these key terms precisely, we ensure that every potential click turns into a conversion opportunity. We will eliminate unnecessary or excessively expensive keywords, ensuring that your advertising budget is used wisely.

we will maximize the efficiency of each euro invested, which will result in an optimal return on investment for you.

Google Ads Agency


Creating effective AdWords ads is a crucial skill within our agency. 

We start with a careful analysis of your target customers, in order to understand their needs and preferences. Then, we write impactful, benefit-focused ads that encourage clicks while ensuring the relevance of the message.

Every word counts in an AdWords ad, and we know how to use strategic keywords to maximize visibility. We conduct rigorous A/B testing to determine which ads perform best, refining the strategy over time.

Google ads agency


On the 1st day of the month you will receive a detailed report including all of your digital performance as well as awebsite audit : adwords, CPC, click rate per campaign and ad, etc. But also for SEO, anatural referencing audit : positions of your keywords, technical audit of the site, status of backlinks, status of your social media publications. On the 15th of the month, we will send you an interim report focused on Adwords. Know theSEO agency prices ?

WithEscalation, you follow the work carried out, and your performance on Google.

seo audit


During this video conference interview, we will present our agency to you, and will learn about your SEA needs.



We won't push you to spend, we don't take any commission on your Adwords budget!

2 possible monthly packages:

PRO plan

- One new campaign per month maximum

- 2 hours per month spent optimizing campaigns, ads and auctions

- Monthly Adwords Performance Report

Without engagement : €590 excluding tax / month

Commitment6 months : €520 excluding tax / month

Commitment1 year : €470 excluding tax / month

Flat rate Strategy and Installation fees: €990 excl. VAT


- Up to 2 new campaigns per month maximum

- 3 hours per month spent optimizing campaigns, ads and auctions
- Monthly Digital Performance Report (Adwords, SEO, Site Health, backlinks, Social Networks)
- Intermediate Adwords Performance report

Without engagement: €790 excluding tax / month

Commitment6 months : €720 excluding tax / month

Commitment1 year : €670 excluding tax / month

Strategy and Installation flat-rate fees: €1,290 excl. tax

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Measuring and analyzing performance are essential steps in a winning Adwords strategy. Continuous performance monitoring helps identify areas for improvement, providing valuable information for adjusting campaigns. The key metrics to monitor are cost per click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), quality score, and conversion rate.

Key to Success #4: Performance Monitoring and Adjustments

It is crucial to rigorously manage your budget and your bids within Google Adwords. The key is setting up a strategic bidding system, while staying within your budget. Effective budget management optimizes return on investment and ensures the sustainability of your advertising campaigns.

Key to success No. 3: Control of budget allocation

Ad optimization is undoubtedly part of a winning Adwords strategy. It is essential to constantly adjust your ads to achieve the objectives set. Persuasive headlines, engaging descriptions and judicious use of ad extensions are key elements to master.

Key to Success #2: Continuous Ad Improvements

One point deserves to be highlighted: what about the importance of keywords in your Adwords strategy? Relevant keywords are at the heart of any winning strategy. They allow your ads to position themselves correctly in search results, thus reaching your target audience.

  • Anticipate your prospects' requests

  • Use the Keyword Planner

  • Include long-tail keywords

  • Avoid keywords that are too general or too competitive

Key to success No. 1: Rigorous selection of keywords

The winning strategy with Adwords

Compared to similar tools, like Bing Ads or Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Adwords offers much wider reach and visibility thanks to Google's enormous popularity. However, it should be noted that costs per click may be higher on Google Adwords due to increased competitiveness. Additionally, you should balance the use of multiple online advertising tools to diversify traffic and reach a wider audience.

Adwords versus Similar Tools

AdWords is not without its drawbacks and limitations. Campaigns can be costly, especially if not managed properly. Additionally, the complexity of the system can be confusing for beginners and requires time and practice to fully master. Additionally, even with adequate optimization, the effectiveness of advertisements is highly dependent on the level of competitiveness of the industry.

Disadvantages and restrictions of Adwords

Using Adwords confers many advantages. Perhaps the most notable is the ability to target a specific audience, at the right time and in the right place. Advertisers can define specific keywords, geographic locations and broadcast times for their ads. In addition, Adwords allows advertisers to precisely measure the return on investment of their campaigns, allowing them to adjust their strategy accordingly.

The main advantages of using Ads

Google Adwords can be the cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. It is a system operating mainly on the principle of keyword bidding. Ad positioning is determined by two key factors: bid amount and ad quality score. The bid determines how much you are willing to pay per click while the quality score evaluates the relevance and quality of your ads as well as your website. These two elements help Google deliberate on the order of displaying advertisements on search engine results pages.

The Principle behind Adwords

What is Adwords?

Once the campaign is launched, the work of the digital marketing agency does not stop there. We must ensure the monitoring and analysis of the performance of the current campaign. Results monitoring allows you to measure the effectiveness of the strategy in place and make changes in real time to optimize performance, ensuring a positive return on investment for you. This data analysis is a key element to gaining efficiency in the dynamic and changing world of digital marketing.

Results Monitoring

Another crucial task of the digital marketing agency is the implementation of effective advertising campaigns. This involves creating, managing and optimizing ads across various digital platforms, such as Google Ads. The goal is to achieve maximum impact in terms of visibility of your brand and traffic generated to your website.

Setting up advertising campaigns

We will analyze your needs and take the time to understand and dissect your specific requirements, the aim of which will be to provide a tailor-made solution. We use various tools and methodologies to determine exactly what you need and how you can be satisfied.

Customer Needs Analysis

One of the primary services of a digital marketing agency is digital strategy consulting. Our central role is to provide strategic direction, staying focused on your brand objectives and understanding your competitive landscape. By combining digital market knowledge with a deep understanding of your brand, we are able to create a robust and targeted digital strategy.

Digital strategy consulting

Is your business maximizing its online potential? Understanding the potential impact of a digital marketing agency is essential for any business looking to maximize its success online. 

What is a digital marketing agency?

The role of the Digital Marketing agency

Google AdWords (or Ads formerly Google AdWords) is Google's advertising system that allows companies to display their ads on search engines and the Google display network. Using this system, businesses can specifically target their audiences based on the keywords they are searching for, their location, the device they are using, and much more.

Ads: what winning strategy?

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